If you learn that your business is or may be the target of an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service or a state tax authority, the sooner you contact an attorney, the better prepared you will be to deal with the issue.

At The Wilson Firm, our practice focuses on a broad range of tax issues concerning income tax, employment tax, sales and use tax, and other business taxes.

The following are examples of the business and employment tax issues we handle:

Payroll Taxes: In difficult economic times, an unexpected tax obligation can threaten the survival of a business. The IRS has the power to convert unpaid payroll taxes of a business into a personal obligation by anyone deemed to be a "responsible person" of the business. This process results is what is known as the "The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty". A lender can also be subject to this penalty if it controls a company's credit line and influences disbursements. Once assessed, The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty can't be discharged in bankruptcy. Our tax lawyers defend potential "responsible persons" from these penalties.

Independent Contractor versus Employee classification issues: Many employers are unaware of the rules when it comes to determining whether a worker should be classified as an independent contractor or an employee. The IRS currently has a voluntary compliance program that can help businesses limit penalties and comply with these laws. The tax lawyers at The Wilson Firm can help clients make the appropriate determination, and take the actions necessary to ensure that unexpected issues don't arise that can negatively affect an employer's tax obligations.

Our lawyers represent clients before the IRS, as well as Texas state agencies such as the Comptroller of Public Accounts in matters involving these crucial determinations.